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Karate for Kids

Dojo Etiquette


Being a member of Mapleton Martial Arts means you are asked to follow a few simple rules so that you enjoy your classes and the other kids do too. Self discipline is an important part of any martial art.

On entering the Dojo (training hall) we ask you to follow a few basic rules as etiquette and safety are important aspects of your karate training.

1. Use the toilet before class.

2. Bow into the dojo before you enter and also before you exit.

3. If you are late to a class bow at the door and wait until the Sensei has seen you. Then you can join the class.

4. If you need to leave the class for any reason put your hand up and wait for the Sensei to speak to you. This is because we need to know where you are at all times.

5. No shoes or socks in the dojo. We always train in bare feet so leave your shoes outside the dojo.

6. Never talk over the Sensei’s instructions and stand in formal stance (Heiko dachi) while you are listening to instructions

7. Do not lean on walls or sit down during a class unless told to do so.

8. Do not eat, drink or chew anything in the Dojo.

9. No necklaces, watches, rings or ear-rings to be worn during class.

10. All other students should be treated with respect and consideration.

11. Bad language is not permitted in the Dojo.

12. All equipment to be treated with respect.

13. Always do your best!


Class Discipline

Students are asked to be aware of the other children in the lesson and are expected to behave politely and courteously during class.

 We follow the “3 strikes and you’re out” method.

1. If you disrupt a class you will be given a warning with push ups.

2. If you continue to disrupt the class you will be asked to sit out for a few minutes

3. If you continue to disrupt the class you will be asked to sit out for the remainder of the lesson


We use the set of push-ups (5 for Kinder and 10 for Children) for 1. a deterrent and 2. a diversion, immediately changing the wrong activity/behaviour and focus on a new task

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