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Dojo Kun

(the rules of the Dojo)

Although we may not always train in a formal karate school, the principles and traditions are still maintained to assist us in our training.

The dojo is a special place where we train ourselves physically and mentally. Students must respect the dojo and observe the following rules:


  • All Black Belts are to be addressed as SENSEI

  • Higher belts must assist lower ranks in techniques but must not show higher kata to lower ranks

  • No student will provoke violence, inside or outside the dojo, or allow himself to be provoked into violence

  • Any members misusing the art of karate in fighting will be expelled from the dojo

  • No alcohol will be taken before class. Consuming candy, gum and any other food or drink are also forbidden during class. Never bring food, gum or drink into the dojo.

  • Students must comply with the dojo health rules. Personal cleanliness is essential. Fingernails and toenails must be clipped at all times.

  • No rings, watches, earrings, necklaces, or other jewelry may be worn during class.

  • Never engage in loud chatter or foolish behavior

  • Always warm up with stretching and basic exercises before karate practice.

  • Remember this is YOUR Dojo – Take care of it

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